Custom Digital Signage Family

    Founded in 2008,Shanghai Eyes has been focusing on providing Integrated research, 
    development, manufacturing,and selling  Commercial Kiosk/Totem Display 
     for many years.We always puts ourselves at the forefront of the DS(Digital Signage) industrial field.
    Eyes products cover Outdoor/Indoor Commercial Kiosk/Totem,High brightness Window Display etc and has launched hundreds of customized digital signage versions.The sizes are from 10" to 100",each product was specially designed according to our clients requirements,which can perfectly apply to different installation occasion. 

    Looking for FREE content
    management solution?

    *Free Android software is provided, allowing you to display your perfect advertisement on the advertising machine at will.
    *No worry that you do not know how to operate the software since our engineer will give you support onine.

    Come on,DONOT hesitate to email to info@eyes-e.com or Call  +86 21 6786 5639

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