55"Outdoor Kiosk with Touch Foil&LED Strip(1500 NITS-5000 NITS Option)

      The XT55OEVLD3158 is a kind of outdoor digital signage solution.The 55" Outdoor Kiosk is with Touch Foil?10 points),LOGO with LED Backlight,LED Strip on Both Sides and mini PC+Camera.Its brightness is 2000 nits.

      Full Outdoor Metal Housing 

      The housing  offers  waterproof  and dustproof functions with
      vandal-resistant anti-reflective (AR) Glass 6mm(8mm option).
      The LCD display with the  housing is purpose-built to support
      all kinds of environments where it will be installed.The special
      design for air vents  on  housing  can eliminate the water and
      dust particles to be outside immediately.

                                                                                                                                                                  Smart Management&Configuration via RS232

      Remote  management allows  the  user to control and adjust
      the display remotely via RS232 protocol.Therefore,a multiple display  control, helping  various  displays  to  be  easily  and
      simultaneously  operated on PC, is  possible with  the RS232

      Built in Thermoelectric Air Conditioner 

      This AC  is environment-friendly one. Low noise,no freon
      no compressor,no vibration,no leak and no water.Cooling
      and heating can  be  switched  automatically as the given
      temperature. It ensures the  unit  runs 24/7 operation in
      all-weather environment.

                                                                                                                                                                   Auto Brightness Control 

      Different external environment conditions require different
      brightness levels. An light sensor can  detect  the  ambient
      light intensity around the unit  and  automatically  adjusts
      the brightness of screen accordingly so that it can help  to
      save energy and extend the unit抯 lifespan.

      Support 24/7 Operation

      The long-life LCD panel has high reliability and stability to
      ensure the system runnin continously in the whole year.

                       Energy-saving with LED backlight

      The LCD panel with LED back light has  lower  power
      consumption  so  that  it  can  help  to  save massive
      energy throughout the whole year.

          Built in  Touch Foil Screen

      Touch foil let the touch can be done both indoor and outdoor
      easily so that the interactive operation can be done whenever
      and wherever possible.

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